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Enjoy the weekend or holiday with camping experience at pawana lake 

Escape to Serenity with Pawana Lake Side Camping

Highlights of Pawna Lake Camping
Witness the majestic Western Ghats valleys from the comfort of your well-equipped tents.
Participate in a live acoustic performance and a DJ night with your friends to listen to some of your favorite tunes.

Have a great day camping among the lush flora and mountains on the banks of Pawna Lake.

While lounging around the campfire in the evening, treat yourself to some great BBQ nibbles.

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Pawna Lake Camping Information:

The beautiful Pawna Lake campsite is set in a lush green landscape along the shores of Pawna Lake, surrounded by foggy valleys of the Western Ghats. The presence of many tourist attractions like as Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Tung Fort, and Visapur Fort enhances the environment around Pawna Lake. The tranquil scenery and rich green landscape make this a lovely weekend resort near Lonavala and Khandala.

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Pawana lake side cottage

✅ Rooms available 

▪️Beautiful location
▪️Bedroom have attached washroom and AC.
▪️24/7 caretaker.
▪️Car parking.

🔸Your safety our priority

▪️Bonfire / Campfire
▪️Sports activities.
▪️Live music
▪️Next morning breakfast tea and pohe

🔸Boting and kayaking ( Paid Activitys )


Rs.6000 per couple
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Pawana lake side camping


✅ DAY 1 

▪️04:00PM  :  Reporting at campground.

▪️05:00PM  : Snacks( Tea, coffee, pakoda)

▪️07:30 pm : Enjoy separate BBQ (Barbeque)

▪️07:30 pm to 10:30 pm :  MUSIC

🔸VEG BBQ : Marinated Paneer( 8 pcs) with varied veggies.

🔸NONVEG BBQ : Marinated funk ( 8 pcs) with varied veggies.

▪️10:00PM to 11:00 PM : Unlimited Dinner.

🔸VEG Dinner : murmur paneer, matki, Dal, Chapati,Jeera rice, salad, sweet.

NON-VEG Dinner :  Sot funk, gravy funk, Chapati,Jeera rice, salad, sweet.


▪️11:00PM : Enjoy warmly Campfire / Bonfire after Dinner.

▪️12:00 am to 06:00 am : Silence hours.​

✅ DAY - 2

▪️07:00 am : Good Morning  with a Beautiful Daylight.

▪️08:00 am : Breakfast ( Tea, coffee, poha).

▪️11:00 am : Check- eschewal from campground.Conditioning

🔸Free Games : Justice, Archery, badminton, football, carrom, volleyball,

🔸Paid Games : speed boating, pulling, paddle boating,  banana boating near position.➡️ Eliminations High tea, Coffee with snacks.

Dinner ( particular)Dinner ( veg/non-veg unlimited)Morning breakfast, music and games.Tent with coverlet.

​Rs. 1000 per person
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Pawana lake side Camping

Look no further than Pawna Lake Glamping for a distinctive and opulent camping experience. This upscale camping area, located in Lonavala, Maharashtra, offers breathtaking views of the lake and the surrounding landscape.

At Pawna Lake Glamping, you can appreciate the outdoors' natural beauty without giving up comfort or sophistication. You will enjoy a first-rate and intimate experience because the glamping stays are situated in a private region of the property. A lake-front property also puts you within walking distance of activities like kayaking, swimming, and other water sports.


The fact that meals are included in the package price when staying at Pawna Lake Glamping is one of its best features. You can savor delectable regional cuisine while taking in the sights.

Additionally, live music performances on the weekends will enhance the already unique ambiance.


Of course, the view of Pawna Lake from your glamping accommodations will be the highlight of your trip. Each tent has a gorgeous design, plush furnishings, and cozy beds. You can unwind and unwind in elegance while admiring the breathtaking surroundings outside.


Pawna Lake Glamping is the ideal location for romantic getaways or action-packed family vacations. It's the perfect place to escape the rush of daily life and re-connect with nature thanks to its tranquil surroundings and opulent amenities.


Therefore, if you're prepared to discover a whole new side of Pawna Stay's natural beauty through luxury camping,

swimming pool
food menu
food menu pawna lake camping
Tent logo

Tent Stay

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Unlimited Dinner

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Outdoor Games

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DJ with Dance

Questions on camping at Pawna Lake

What time of year is ideal for Pawna Lake camping?
All seasons are suitable for camping at Pawna Lake. One of the ideal times to plan your adventure to this location is during the rainy season and the period immediately following the rainy season.

The tourists have a lovely time together because of the wonderful attributes of this location that the damp and cool weather during this season brings out. This is one of the greatest times to visit if you intend to go camping there.

Compared to the monsoon season between July and September, the weather tends to become hot and dry after October.

Where is camping at Pawna Lake located?
The well-known Maharashtrian hill resort of Lonavala is home to Pawna Lake. At two locations around Pawna Lake, camping is primarily practised. One goes around the lake itself, and the other is on a hill overlooking Pawna. Both types of camping are popular among people and provide the utmost comfort along with some breathtaking vistas.
How do I get to Pawna Lake?
You would have to travel 60 KM via Kamshet if you started your journey in Pune in order to get to Pawna Lake. You can travel 120 KM to the destination from Mumbai by taking the Via Lonavala route.

If you're driving yourself, get there as early as possible because the final 10 kilometres are on rough terrain and can be challenging to drive.

What types of activities are available when camping at Pawna Lake?
The standard package includes both indoor and outdoor activities including carrom, chess, ludo, and other board games, as well as sports like volleyball, cricket, football, badminton, and archery.

But, you will need to pay an additional fee depending on the activity you choose if you want to partake in activities like sightseeing, horseback riding, kayaking, water sports, trekking, etc.

What is the typical temperature of Pawna Lake?
From June to February, Pawna Lake's daily average temperatures could vary from 13 to 24 degrees Celsius. The temperature may fluctuate between 18 and 27 degrees Celsius from March through May.

Which meals are included in the camping package at Pawnee Lake?
The following meals are included in the camping package at Pawna Lake:

evening snacks that are suitable (Tea and Pakoras)
Limited Barbecue snacks for each traveller
Dinner should include vegetables.
Dinner not made with vegetables
Tea and Poha will be the next day's breakfast.
What size tent is provided for camping at Pawna Lake?
The tents come in three different variations, including double and triple sharing tents. These will be spacious enough to hold the predetermined number of campers.

How are the lighting setups surrounding Pawna's campgrounds at night?
The lighting setups at night are ideal for illuminating the campsite. Wherever needed, there will be portable lamps available throughout the encampment. Also, each tent will receive one portable light to help illuminate it.
Can my car be driven to the Pawna campsite? Exists a parking lot?
You can certainly purchase a private vehicle. Our Pawna Lake camping location is close to a free parking area.

Is Pawna Lake a secure place to camp?
The welfare of our campers is our first priority. We uphold all safety regulations and keep all required tools and first aid kits in good condition. To assure your safety, our personnel is present at the campsites.

How can I travel from Mumbai to Pawna Lake Camping?
Via Road: From Bombay, there are two ways to go to the Pawna Lake camping area. The Dudhiware Khind Route is one among them. It is almost 108 kilometres away. Although it is a quicker route, the road conditions might be challenging at times. The alternate route is via Kamshet, which is roughly 122 kilometres long. This path is thought to be more picturesque and smoother.

By Train: You can take the train from Mumbai to Lonavala. To go the approximately 30 km to Pawna Lake from Lonavala, you can either take a taxi or a shared jeep. A train usually departs from Mumbai for Lonavala every 40 to 60 minutes.

By Bus: All through the day, there are numerous buses that travel between Mumbai and Lonavala. To go to Pawna Lake from Lonavala, you would need to rent a taxi or ride in a shared jeep.

How can I travel from Pune to Pawna Lake Camping?
Camping at Pawna Lake is accessible from Pune through Kamshet. The entire 60 KM journey can be easily travelled in 2 to 3 hours, depending on the mode of transportation you select. Either bring your own car or take the train to Kamshet, where you can hire a private Jeep to take you where you need to go.

Can we go camping on Pawna Lake in the summer?
True, Pawna Lake is always covered in water, making it possible for travellers to visit the lake even in the summer. On the other hand, it will be hot, and the scenery might not be as lovely as it is during the monsoon season. Thus, it could be a good idea to arrange your trip to Pawna Lake for the monsoon season.
Is May a good time to camp at Pawna Lake?
Indeed, May is a nice time of year to camp at Pawna Lake. The ideal time to visit this location is now if you want to go camping. Even though it might not be the best time of year to visit Pawna Lake,

For tourists, the monsoon season presents a number of difficulties and obstacles. You must be equipped with the necessary tools and ready to tackle the difficult terrain in order to handle these. If you want to fully enjoy the vacation, there are a few things that will come in helpful for you during this time, such as an umbrella and raincoat.

Is camping at Pawnee Lake for the New Year a wise choice?
Sure, Pawna lake camping during new year is an excellent idea as Camping at Pawna Lake can be the ideal choice for you if you enjoy the quiet and solitude of a small-town setting.
The campsite provides the ideal setting for a memorable celebration around the time of the new year because it is lit up with lights. In addition to many other outdoor activities, visitors can engage in rifle shooting, archery, and board games. You can enjoy a bonfire at night and strike up conversations with those gathered nearby.

Can we camp at Pawna Lake when it's raining?
Indeed, we are able to camp at Pawna Lake in the rainy season. The monsoon season may be the ideal time for outdoor enthusiasts to gather their camping supplies and head to Pawna Lake. The area is clean and green thanks to the recent downpour, and the weather is ideal for hiking and other outdoor activities close to the camping spot. In fact, camping around Pawna Lake is thought to be at its best during the monsoon season.

Is camping at Pawna Lake a wise idea for families?
Undoubtedly, Pawna Lake is among the top camping destinations for both tourists and families. Pawna Lake is one of the best vacation spots for residents of nearby cities like Mumbai, Lonavala, and Pune. In order for you to have a wonderful family vacation, we provide the best and most affordable packages from Mumbai to Pawna Lake and Pune to Pawna Lake.

Are there electrical outlets for charging at the Pawna campsites?
Yeah, the campsite has adequate electricity arrangements, so you won't need to worry about lights. But, there are outlets available if you need to charge your phones, cameras, or other devices.

What gear is need for camping at Pawnee Lake?
During your Pawna Lake camping trip, you'll want to bring goods like:

Backpack Sunglasses Walking Boots
Toilet paper, water bottles, flashlights, first aid supplies, and portable chargers

What safety precautions should we take when camping at Pawna Lake?
The following safety precautions must be followed when camping close to Pawna Lake:

You should have the proper clothing, first aid supplies, and camping equipment.
At night, you shouldn't approach the lake or the dam reservoir.
Children must not be permitted to approach the lake alone, and extra precautions must be taken to safeguard their safety.
For any assistance and to prevent any problems, you should always stay in touch with the security teams stationed at the camping area.

What percentage of the Pawna campsite's tents are set up? Can I pick my own tent?
According to the size of the gathering, the tents are positioned. The operators' contact information will be made available to you once your reservation has been confirmed with us. You can request that they make accommodations in accordance with your needs.

Do you provide sleeping bags at the Pawna Campsite?

No. While the tents are fully furnished and we do not supply sleeping bags, you will be given decent bedding, including a mattress, bedsheet, pillow, and quilt to keep you warm.

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